Rihards Dubra

I was born on the 28th February in 1964, in Riga.
I live near the Baltic Sea in Jurmala which is situated very close to Riga.
When I was 7 years old I started piano studies at the Music School in Jurmala.
From 1978 I have continued my studies of music theory at the Emils Darzins Special Music School in Riga.
From 1982 - 1989 I studied composition and educated by Prof. Adolfs Skulte at the Latvian Music Academy.
From 1994 - 1996 I studied at the Latvian Music Academy and after graduating I got MA in composition.
In paralell my studies, I worked as a teacher of the music theory and composition at the Music College in Jurmala.

The main genres are choir and symphonic music, vocal - instrumental music - Mass and cantatas as well. Mainly I do write sacred music.

The main works are: