The Latvian Composer's Union (LCU) is a professional creative organisation founded in 1944. It aims at: supporting the creative work of composers and musicologists in Latvia; conducting research on Latvian music and popularising it in Latvia and worldwide.

Currently the LCU presently has 109 members and 5 honorary members. The LCU Board is comprised of composer Ugis Praulins. The elected members of the Council of the LCU are: composers Indra Rise (the Chairman), Andris Dzenitis, Juris Kulakovs, Ungars Savickis, musicologist Ligita Asme and ethnomusicologist Valdis Muktupavels. There is the auditing committee of 3 members - composer Maris Lasmanis (the Chairman) and composer Solveiga Selga-Timpere and musicologist Janis Kudins.

Being the only organisation that defends the interests of Latvian professional composers and musicologists, the LCU co-operates with Latvia's Ministry of Culture and the Board of Creative Unions in the area of legislation to establish the law on artists' status and to create the Register of professional artists in Latvia. As a member of the Latvian Board of Creative Unions, the LCU has become a member of the European Council of Artists (ECA). The LCU initiated the founding of the National Committee within the International Music Council (IMC) of UNESCO and succeeded in the National Committee joining the IMC in 2001. Since 2004, the LCU is a member of the ISCM – International Society of Contemporary Music.

The LCU co-operates with the Ministry of Culture of Latvia, the Riga Latvian Society, show businesses and music educational establishments, as well as with reputable choirs, orchestras and performing artists in Latvia to organize solo composer concerts, competitions of music compositions and various music events. Besides, the LCU concerns itself with resource mobilisation for musical events by submitting applications for project competitions announced by the Latvian Ministry of Culture, municipalities and funds. For instance, the Competition of Vocal Music (1999) was organized with the support from Latvia's National Opera. To enrich the repertoire of the Latvian Grand Song Festival, the Competition of Choir Music (1998) was organized together with the Riga chamber choir "Ave Sol" and the Latvian Radio Choir. Every third year the LCU organizes and hosts the International Conference of Baltic Musicologists, which is held annually since 1968 in one of the three capital cities of the Baltic States. The LCU organizes the International workshop for young composers in Dundaga every two years.

The LCU is beneficial to its members by handling such administrative operations as: developing formal applications for grants, issuing confirmation and recommendation letters and references, as well as promoting musicians to take part in various music events worldwide by spreading information about them.

To apply for membership to the LCU, interested candidates may submit the application form, their CV, the list of compositions, two references from established LCU members, and a photo for a membership card. The application is reviewed and the decision is taken by the LCU Board of Directors after which it is confirmed by the LCU General Meeting.