Pauls Dambis

Pauls Dambis (born 1936 in Riga) graduated from the Latvian State Conservatory (now the Latvian Music academy) in 1962. He is one of the more imaginative composers working in Latvia today. Dambis has introduced new elements in choral music, such as speaking and whispering as they appear in Kurzemes burtnica (Courland Note book), Serdienu dziesmas  ( Mourning Songs) , Juras dziesmas (Song of the Sea) , and  Ganu balsis (Shepard Voices).The tonality of Latvian folk music and contemporary expression are used to mutual advantage.Dambi’s works bring Latvian choral music into the twentieth century and their performance accents the high quality choral singing in Latvia today. His Koncerts - rekviems is deeply emotional and in his oratorio Stanza di Michelangelo (1974), the Renaissance is experienced from our point of view. Dambi’s opera Ikars was a success and he has written song cycles for solo voice and piano Sieviesu dziesmas (Women’s Songs) and Vidzemes kalendara dziesmas (Songs of the Callendar of Vidzeme). His instrumental music consists 4 string quartets, 4 sonatas for piano, a symphony, a violin concerto, symphonic variations on a theme  by Rameau, and other works for orchestra. Sekspira muzika (Music of Shakespeare) is a skilful combination of voice and orchestra. His latest works are for the organ.


Last updated June 2, 1997