D. Scarlatti Six sonatas
Rameau Gavotte and Variations in a minor
Soler "Fandango"
J. S. Bach Preludes and Fugues
Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue
French Overture in b minor
French Suite in G Major
Partita in B flat Major
Haydn Sonata E flat Major
Sonata C Major
W. A. Mozart Fantasy and Fugue in C Major
Fantasy c minor
Sonata G Major K. 283
Sonata c minor K. 457
Sonata B flat Major K. 333
L. van Beethoven Sonata f minor op. 2 n. 1
2 Sonatas E dur, G dur op. 14, nr. 1, 2
Sonata E flat Major op. 7
Sonata B flat Major op. 22
Sonata D Major op. 28
Sonata d minor op. 31 n. 2
Sonata A Major op. 101
Sonata B dur op. 106
Fantasy op. 77
Chopin 10 Etudes
Ballades n. 2, 3
Sonata nr 3 in b minor
Three Nocturnes
Three Impromptus
Five Mazurkas
Schumann "Symphonic Etudes"
Mendelssohn "Variations Serieuses"
Liszt Six Etudes
Pieces from "Les annes de pilgrimage"
Rhapsodie Espagnol
Brahms Two Rhapsodies op. 79
Sonata F Minor Op. 5
Franck Prelude, Choral and Fugue
Ginastera Sonata
Debussy Etudes "Pour Les Quartes", "Pour Les Arpeges"
Suite "Pour le piano"
"Epigraphes Antiques"
Five Preludes
Ravel "Gaspard de la Nuit"
"Les Mirroirs"
"Le Tombeau de Couperin"
Stravinsky Sonata
Etude F sharp Major
Tchaikovsky Variations F Major
"The Seasons"
Scriabin Sonatas n. 3, 5
Two Poems op. 32
Three etudes
Pieces op. 49, 51, 52
Rachmaninov Six preludes
"Etudes-tableaux" op. 33, 39
"Moments musicales"
Prokofiev Sonatas # 2, 5, 6, 8
Shostakovich Sonata # 1
Three preludes and fugues
Jazeps Witols The song of the waves
Janis Ivanovs "Variations-etudes"
"Andante replicato"
Imants Zemzaris Suite G Major
Peteris Vasks "The Little Night Music"
Juris Karlsons 3 preludes
Ciurlionis Fugue
Four preludes
Ctirad Kogoutek Three inventions


J. S. Bach Concerto F Minor
Concerto C Minor for two pianos
W. A. Mozart Concerto A Major
Concerto B Dur
Concerto E flat Major for two pianos
Beethoven Concerto # 3 C Minor
Tchaikovsky Concerto # 1
Rachmaninov Concerto # 3
Prokofiev Concerto # 2
Ravel Concerto G Major
Stravinski "Capriccio"
Shostakovich Concerto # 2
Hachaturian Concerto
Juris Karlsons Concertos nr. 1 and nr. 2


  Sonatas for violin and piano
Beethoven Sonata # 6
R. Strauss Sonata
Bartok Sonata # 1
Brahms Sonata # 3
Prokofiev Sonata # 2
Shostakovich Sonata
  Trios for piano, violin and cello
W. A. Mozart Trio C Major
Beethoven Trio B flat Major
Brahms Trio C Major
Schubert Trio op. 99
Trio op. 100
Mendelsohn Trio D Minor
Tchaikovsky Great Trio
Shostakovich Trio
Galinin Trio
Janis Kepitis Trio
  Other ensembles
Glinka Sextet for piano,
2 violins, alto, cello and double-bass
Rachmaninov Suite # 2 for two pianos
Bartok Sonata for two pianos and percussion