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Now something completely different: this is the first of twelve volumes in an Anthology of a cappella choral music (mixed, men's voices, women's voices) written by Latvian composers between 1973 and ... the year 2000. The originality and vigour of choral life in this Baltic country which produced a great number of remarkable composers and interpreters is well known. Up to now, however, it has not been easy to obtain the best and most important recordings and scores of this beautiful tradition. A series of 12 compact discs, recorded by the Riga Chamber Choir AVE SOL, is being issued in conjunction with these 12 volumes of choral music, both under the name, Anthology of Latvian Choral Music. Each CD contains a selection of songs from the corresponding volume. This new edition includes not only the recordings (by excellent choir Ave Sol, conducted by Imants Kokars) but also the corresponding scores (beautifully printed). This is the time to enlarge your horizon!

Volumes I, II, III, VI, VII, VIII and XI - available now!!!

In all volumes of Anthologies You will find:

Volume 1 contains songs of 11 authors:

Volume 2 contains songs of 15 authors:

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Samples of scores (low resolution images):

"Castle of light" by Jazeps Vitols
At Night" by Janis Zalitis
The Forest Lake" by Jazeps Vitols

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