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Eloisa Cascio

Eloisa Cascio

Eloisa Cascio, while completing her classical studies, also finished, with first class honours and special mention, both her Master and Specialistic Degrees  in  Piano in the Conservatorium of Benevento as a pupil of M° Tina Babuscio. She also studied the philological aspects of execution in the Barock and Classical repertoire for keyboard with M° Andreina Di Girolamo, under whom tutelage she completed the Harpsichord Master Degree in the Conservatorium of Campobasso, and with Emilia Fadini; at the same time Eloisa has attended the Composition course with M° Giacomo Vitale obtaining the Master Degree in Choral Music and Choir Direction in the Conservatorium of Avellino. In June 2014 she obtained the Piano Interpretation Diploma  in the School of Music in Fiesole, where she was a student of Pietro de Maria and  in March 2015 she  completed the Chamber Music Specialistic Degree in Naples Conservatory “San Pietro a Majella” obtaining a Magna cum Laude Degree.
She also took part in interpretation curse and master  of piano and harpsichord with Laura De Fusco, Bruno Canino, Massimo Bertucci, Giorgio Carnini, Gustav Leonhardt, Gottlieb Jracek von Armin  and  Peter Lang, Johannes Kropfitsch, Pasquale Iannone, Oleg Marshev, Oliver Gardon, Prisca Benoit and Dominique Gardon.
Since when she was very young, Eloisa obtained first and special prizes in several national and international contests: Piano Contests “Ottavio Caiazzo”  and “S.Cecilia in Naples  year  2000, Piano Contests “Città di Cercola” and  “Poggioli” of Torre Annunziata, year 2003, Press Prize at the “ANMI” competition in Salerno  2007, Piano Competition “Luigi Denza” in Castellammare di Stabia 2008 and 2010, Piano Contest “Guido da Venosa” in Sannicandro di Bari and Piano Competition “Città di Airola”, in 2010, where she won also the prize for the best interpretation of a Schumann masterpiece.
In 2012, she attended a master in piano with Gottlieb Jracek von Armin in the Wiener Musik Seminar and obtained the III prize in the Dichler Competition.
On December 2010 she was the receptionist of the first edition of the prize” Culture in art”, reserved to former pupils of the School Pietro Giannone in Caserta who where distinguished in artistic field and in  Aprile 2016 the “recipient of the University of South Florida Steinway Piano Series special award.  The award is given annually to help an exceptional pianist at the beginning of their professional career”.
When she was very young, Eloisa made her debut with the Orchestra of Conservatorium of Benevento playing the Piano Concerto in D major by F.J. Haydn; she took part in several performing activities in the same institute as the Ensemble Hortus Conclusus and, subject  selection, "I Concerti dell’Ateneo”. With the Orchestra of Conservatorio of Campobasso she played J.S.Bach Concerto in f minor and the De Falla Concert for Harpsichord and five instruments: she took part in various festival in Italy, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, Holland, Greece, Macedonia, Romania and USA, Salzburg Klassik, Interfest Bitola, Holland Music Session, Synthermia festival, XXIII Międzynarodowy Festiwal Muzyki Odnalezionej in Tarnow (Polonia), La Grance aux Piano (Francia,) Eppstein Klavierfest, Filarmonicc of Timisoara, Karditsa festival and Cohilia festival in Greek, Stenway Piano Series in Florida (USA).
Portofino Classica, Carni Armonie, Piano City Napoli, Festival delle Ville Vesuvian, Concerts of Natale in Villa, Convivio Armonico, Musica nel Tempo Presente, Tastiere in Tour, Fate Festival, Piano City Naples, Portofino Classic Festival, Festival delle Ville Vesuviane, Brianza Classica, Una Notte al Museo, Piceno Classic , Gressoney Summer Music Festival and others concert season  in Italy – Roma, Bologna, Torino, Livorno, Trieste, Catania, – Salzburg Klassik, Interfest Bitola Festival in Macedonia, Holland Music Session,
 In next she will concert  in  Macedonia,  Greece, Croazia, Slovenia,  USA, Germany, France and  Italy
At the present Eloisa teaching in Conservatory Francesco Cilea in Reggio Calabria


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