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Serafina-Clara  Jaffe 


Serafina JaffeSerafina-Clara  Jaffe was born in 31.10.1998, in Berlin (Germany).  At the age of 8 she began learning to play the cello with her father Ramon Jaffe.  

Serafina fulfilled her childhood dream at the age of 12, when she commenced the studies of the harp with  Susanna Hojtling. Serafina gave her first cello and harp performances in chamber music concerts at her school.

 As a cellist she participated in such important events  as chamber music festivals in Hopfgarten (Austria) , Middelburg  (Holland) , Radio Bremen (Germany),  and many others.

In 2014, Serafina had two outstanding achievements in musical competitions as a harpist: she won the 2nd place in German National musical competition " Jugend musiziert " (" Youth play music").  It was followed by an invitation to a special prize competition  WESPE, where only musical competition winners could take part. There she was awarded the 1st place for the best interpretation of a composition. 

 At the age of 14, Serafina had her first performance as a harpist at an even more important event: she was invited to play with  Brandenburg National Orchestra in Frankfurt, performing  G. F. Handel’s concert for the harp, followed by Debussy’s „Danse” for the harp,  Dittersdorf’s A-Dur concert and many more.

 In 2017,  Serafina scored 25 points in German National Competition  "Youth plays music”:  1st place and 4 special prizes. It was followed by an invitation to Radio Berlin – Brandenburg. Her portrait as a musical artist was presented on radio WDR – live as well.

An invitation to " Marler  Debüt " follows to play   Fr.A.Boieldieu  concert for the harp with an orchestra. She regularly plays with professional orchestras as well as in a duo with the cellist Ramon Jaffe  in programmes  „ Father and Daughter”.

Since the summer of 2015, she has been learning to play the harp with the teacher Margitt - Ann  Süß; from 2016 she is a student of Music and Art University in the class of   M.- A. Süß  in Graz (Austria).

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