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Agnieszka Kulowska, Austria


Agnieszka Kulowska

For Agnieszka performing the music is a social act. The fellow
artists on the stage and the public are as much important part of
a concert as the musical perfection. In her work she aims for
artistic freedom and musical creativity.
Born in Gdynia (Poland), Agnieszka is based in Innsbruck, where
she holds the position of the leader of 2nd violins in Tyrolean
Symphony Orchestra. She graduated her masters degrees with
distinctions in Poland and Switzerland and 2012-2017 she was
an assistant in violin master class at the University of Bern. As a
soloist she performed with orchestras in Bern, Tirol, Telfs and
Lugano. She also participated in multiple festivals, among others
Yehudi Menuhin Festival, Davos Festival and Lucerne Festival
In recent years Agnieszka concentrated herself on soloistic and
chamber music activity. She regularly gives concerts as the 1st
violinist in ‘’Eurasica’’ string quartet and with harp in ‘’Hoffmann-
Kulowska’’ duo. With the latter, apart from classical genre, she
puts her abstract humor into creating a cross-over cabaret.


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