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Aina Kalnciema



Museum of Riga History and Navigation
Palasta 4, Riga

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Festival concerts are also performed in the Hall of Columns of the Museum of the History of Riga and Navigation - a hall which is blessed with outstanding acoustics. The museum was established by the Rīga local government in 1773 on the basis of a private collection that had been donated to the city by a doctor called Himsel. He had collected items related to the natural sciences, history and arts. This is one of the largest and oldest museums in the Baltic States, and its collection holds more than 500,000 objects, many of them quite invaluable in cultural, historical and artistic terms.
The Anglican Church, built in the 1850s for the needs of the English merchants, today holds services and concerts. The Vox Silentii trio from Finland dazzled the audience at the church during the fourth International Bach Chamber Music Festival. Latvian compositions got their world premiere there.

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