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Ensemble Inegal

Ensemble Inegal

Since it was founded in 2000, the vocal-instrumental group Ensemble Inégal has stood out as something quite unique with its interpretations of music ranging all the way from Renaissance to Romanticism. The name “Inégal”—meaning uneven—signifies not only the variability in the number and configuration of performers but also their versatility of style and of dramaturgical invention, and an unconventional but refreshing approach to interpretation of the music in as authentic a manner as possible. The very high quality of music-making stems from its highly selective choice of members, who currently rank among some of the best Czech and foreign singers and instrumentalists. Today, Ensemble Inégal is one of the top musical ensembles in Europe and ever since its inception, it has aroused considerable interest from the music-loving public and has received many enthusiastic reviews from expert critics in Europe and the USA.

Ensemble Inégal has made two world-premiere recordings of sacred compositions by the Czech baroque composer Jan Josef Ignác Brentner (1689–1742), who was one of the most successful composers in central Europe in his day but who nevertheless became almost completely forgotten.

In 2005, with a star cast, Ensemble Inégal made the very first CD recording of the oratorio “Il Serpente di Bronzo” by Jan Dismas Zelenka (ZWV 61). This currently much underrated Czech composer is one of the greatest figures of European baroque music. Apart from receiving many positive reviews from around the world, this recording was awarded the prestigious Diapason d’Or prize by the French music magazine Diapason.

In 2007, Ensemble Inégal released another world-premiere CD recording with more outstanding music of J. D. Zelenka. Missa Purificationis (ZWV 16) from 1733 was conceived as a missa solemnis, with a great instrumental scoring including four trumpets and timpani, oboes, and flutes. Also included on this disc are Zelenka’s Litaniae Lauretanae entitled “Consolatrix afflictorum” (ZWV 151), which dates from the early 1740s.

Even in 2009, Ensemble Inégal has continued to produce truly unique CD recordings. In February, together with the Prague Baroque Soloists, the ensemble recorded a world-premiere CD containing sacred music by Antonio Vivaldi. Thanks to his popularity in Bohemia in the early 1700s, it was only in the Czech archives that some of Vivaldi’s compositions were preserved in their early versions.

Yet another unique and exciting world-premiere CD will appear before the end of 2009. Serenata—the wedding cantata of 1737 by J. D. Zelenka (ZWV 177)—is totally unknown to the record-buying and concert-going public, but in its form and size of cast it is surely the most monumental and intriguing of Zelenka’s compositions!
Ensemble Inégal regularly performs such works at festivals, and keeps on discovering and recording the forgotten works of old masters.
The professional quality of Ensemble Inégal is appreciated not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad. In 2009, the ensemble was invited to perform at prestigious festivals such as those in Utrecht, Ghent, and Brugge. The 2009 calendar also includes tours in Spain and Croatia.

Adam Viktora

Adam Viktora is the founder and the artistic leader of Ensemble Inégal, which - since its foundation in 2000 - has attracted a great deal of interest from both the public and professional critics through a series of remarkable concerts at international festivals, and through an ever-increasing string of CD recordings. He is also leader of the Prague Baroque Soloists.

Adam Viktora (b. 1973) graduated from Pilsen Conservatory and the Academy of Music in Prague.  He continued his education with private classes at Ch. Bossert and with masterclasses and interpretation courses under e. g. Tagliavini, Erickssohn, Koimann and Haselböck. As an organist, conductor or choirmaster he has taken part in a number of music festivals all over the world. He has lectured at organ congresses in Sweden and Croatia. He has made many recordings with Czech radio and television. He is very interested in historic organs and on efforts to salvage and promote them. Adam Viktora is noted for his active participation in the international project "The Organ as Part of European Cultural Heritage". He is director of the Czech Organ Festival. Since 1998, he has been teaching organ at Pilsen Conservatory and since 2007 he has also lectured in music theory at Prague Conservatory.

Gabriela Eibenova (soprano)

Gabriela Eibenova

Young, accomplished soprano Gabriela Eibenova graduated from the Prague Conservatory in 1993 and studied with Prof. Julie Kennard at the Royal Academy of Music in London. She took masterclasses in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Great Britain, Germany and Sweden. Gabriela Eibenova has drawn attention to herself by her solo performances at musical festivals held both in the Czech Republic and in other European countries. Her special attraction to early music has led to numerous interesting musical engagements (for example with S. Standage, S. Stubbs, E. Tubb, E. Kirkby, I. Partridge, R. Holton, E. L. Banzo, M. Zanetti and others). She has given concerts with the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra and with Südwest Baden-Baden Orchestra. Gabriela has made many radio and television recordings and her discography now amounts to almost 20 CDs.


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