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Ricercar Consort


Ricercar Consort
Ricercar, to seek, has been the underlying motto of the Ricercar Consort ever since its foundation.
It was in 1985, with J. S. Bach’s Musical Offering, that the ensemble made its first concert tour, having already acquired a solid international reputation with its recordings, notably in German Baroque cantatas and instrumental music.
Today, under the direction of Philippe Pierlot, the Ricercar Consort continues to explore the Baroque repertoire, from chamber music to opera and oratorio, and to enthral music-lovers with performances that are both profound and rigorous.

« Aux paroles exprimées dans le chant, la musique apporte son pouvoir sur les passions humaines, sa vertu purificatrice et sa transcendance » (Cantagrel)

In 1985, the Ricercar Consort made their first tour with  J.S. Bach’s« Musicalisches Opfer », and is rapidly internationally known  for it’s interpretation of cantatas and instrumental music of the German Baroque ; numerous concerts are given with famous artists like Henri Ledroit, Max van Egmond and James Bowman.
   For the last few years,Philippe Pierlot has been directing the ensemble, alterning chamber music and orchestral productions ,where eventually the viola da gamba has an important place.

 Their recordings encounter enthousiastic reactions both by the public or international press : “De Aeternitate” with the counter-tenor Carlos Mena received the “Diapason of the Year 2002” award and started a fructuous collaboration between Ricercar Consort and the label Mirare directed by René Martin in France. Fantazias for the viols, Stabat Mater by Vivaldi  and Pergolesi, or  “Valoroso”, italian chamber music by Bertali, Bach cantatas recordings,  and recently Bach’s Magnificat  (Gramophones’ Editor Choice) :
with never ending passion the ensemble brings these works to the audiences of  the most important ancient music festivals of the world with extreme professionalism.

“Vielleicht wird so ja im Himmel musiziert...der Vorschein einer besseren Welt“
Die Zeit 2009

Ricercar Consort is supported by the Ministery of Culture of the french speaking community of Belgium.

Baha muzikas fonds, Hipokrata iela 35-32, LV-1079, Riga, Latvija, talr.: 29208181, e-pasts: