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Aina Kalnciema



Travel Notes Project

Travel Notes 

Present-day music for viola da gamba and modern trumpet
Paolo Pandolfo, viola da gamba
Andrea Pandolfo, modern muted trumpet
Laura Polimeno, voice
Thomas Boysen, Luthe, Guitarre Theorbo
Alvaro Garrido Percussion
Music by P.Pandolfo, A.Pandolfo, André
In Art past and present are deeply bound together within the creative act. Their separation is only illusory.
The so called « early music » is powerful rooth and tool for the creation of modern music as well as
today’s music can give unexpected tools for interpreting and understanding the music of the past.
Thanks to the exceptional flexibility of the viol, this program will take the listener to a musical journey wich will cancels the wrong perception of past and present as separate and uncomunicating dimensions. Time seen as a positive sequence of events going all in the same direction disappears.
The ancient instruments, the Viol and the Lute, strongly bound to Renaissance or Baroque music, are gathered by the jazzy sound of the modern muted trumpet, and by the transparent and expressive sound of the natural voice, peculiar of certain cultiveted contemporary as well as of folk music. The improvisations of the quintett and the music of Paolo and Andrea Pandolfo combine classic, early, jazz and folk music poetics.
Travel Notes Project is a Time Machine
Strikingly modern sound ancient intruments like the viola da gamba and the theorbo.
Cruelly ancient is the story of human migrations as the one told in Andrea Pandolfo’s « Albanese »
Is there something more ancient or actual then the desperation for war, like in P.Pandolfo’s Baghdad’s Spring, where the rumble of the bombing mixes with purely oriental melodies.
Surprisingly modern appear the musical dialogues of Paolo’s viol and lThomas’ lute.
Deeply roothed in the past the breath of the muted trumpet which melts to the viol’s vibrations.
It is to the sensitivity of ancient troubadours that Laura Polimeno aims while singing Amore che vieni Amore che vai di André.
In viaggio (Andrea Pandolfo)
Inno-Minato (Paolo Pandolfo)
Albanese (Andrea Pandolfo)
Metamorphosis (Paolo Pandolfo)
                        Amore che vieni Amore che vai( André)
Nana Bobo (folk-P.Pandolfo)
         Baghdad’s Spring (Paolo Pandolfo)
The Travel Notes Project
Paolo Pandolfo viol
Thomas Boysen lutes
Andrea Pandolfo trumpet
Laura Polimeno voice
Alvaro Garrido percussion

Baha muzikas fonds, Hipokrata iela 35-32, LV-1079, Riga, Latvija, talr.: 29208181, e-pasts: