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Pavel Serbin


Pavel Serbin

Born : 1978 – Moscow, Russia
After finishing Gnesin Special Music School he entered the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory. He studied under the guidance of professors Dmitry Miller (violoncello), Alexander Rudin (Chamber music), Alexander Galkovsky (Quartet). All of them are well-known and it was very important that he was influenced by so profound, delicate and experienced musicians.

Full of enthusiasm for Baroque music and having a great interest in this unknown but splendid repertoire Pavel Serbin decided to combine his training at the Moscow Conservatory with the thorough study of early music. The tradition of early music performing and teaching was just forming in Russia and Serbin was keen on getting all the information at first hand and on being taught by musicians of the highest professional level. So he entered The Hague Royal Conservatory to study under the excellent guidance of the veritable stars of Early Music – professors Wieland Kuijken (viola da gamba) and Jaap ter Linden (baroque violoncello). He also participated in the workshops of prof. Jaque Berner (France, violoncello), prof. Anner Bylsma (the Netherlands, baroque violoncello) Christopher Coin (cello baroque, France), Rainer Zipperling (cello baroque, Germany) and others.

The Baroque repertoire has charmed him. But the special part of this repertoire that really requires knowledge, interest and energy from Russian musicians is the early music in Russia. Even nowadays when you tell somebody about it you usually find the surprise and a lack of understanding: what is it? Perhaps, all the music appeared in Russia before the second half of the XIXth century may be named “early”. Pavel Serbin is studying the early Russian classicism and he is eager to show that it is much more various, bright and impressive than we used to think.

Being possessed with this idea Pavel Serbin contacted a lot of archives in Russia and Europe about the works written by early Russian composers or by foreign musicians that lived in our country. He visited a lot of libraries and spent a lot of time in catalogues and archives, making the restorations of the old scores. Due to his efforts a lot of works were found, a lot of them (the works by Bortnyansky and Berezovsky) have already been performed and for the first time recorded on historical instruments. Of course, the most important is the rediscovery of the early Russian opera – “Creonte”, by D.Bortnyansky, and the Symphony in C major, written by M.Berezovsky (it seems to be the earliest Russian work in this jenre). But if the Symphony was found in Italy, where Berezovsky studied, the score of “Creonte” was discovered in Lisbon and nobody knows how it appeared there.

The other direction of Serbin’s research is the music for his favorite instrument – violoncello. It was Serbin who has recovered from obscurity nearly all the heritage of Johan Heinrich Facius (1760 – 1806; German cellist and composer, lived in Russia).

He was admitted to start his postgraduate training with Alexander Rudin; since May 2004 he is teaching baroque violoncello, quartet and chamber ensemble at the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory. He also works on a Ph. d. thesis – of course, about the cello performances in Russia at the end of 18th century.

Plays baroque Violoncello, Viola da gamba, Pardessus de Viole, Contemporary violoncello.

Brugge Competition, 1999: prized as a member of Die Gassenhauer Trio
Premio Bonporti Competition, 2000, Italy: duet “A la Russe” (Pavel Serbin and Olga Martynova, hammer-klavier-player) received the First Prize.
Van Wassenaer Competition, 2000, The Netherlands: the same duet received the Second Prize, Public Prize and two Special Prizes.
Juventus Festival, 2001, France: Serbin was admired as a laureate

Serbin participated in:
Festival di musica Antica di Urbino (2001).
Festival Sansoussi, Potsdam (2003)
Utrecht Early Music Festival (2003)
Nordlysfestivalen , Tromce (2009)
Dekabrskie vechera , Moscow (2008) and others
Festival Bad Arolsen (2010)
Festival St.Gallen (2011) and others

He has performed with:
Gnesin Virtuosi chamber orchestra (principal cellist, soloist)
Academy of Ancient Music (London) under Christopher Hogwood and Paul Goodwin guidance (principal cellist)
Moscow State Symphony Orchestra (soloist, cellist)
Musica Antiqua Sankt Petersburg (soloist, cellist)
Modertimes_1800 (Austria, Innsbruck) (cellist)
Bergen Baroque (Bergen, Norway)
La Primavera chamber orchestra (soloist)
Hoffcapelle Munich (principal cellist)
In 1997 he founded A La Russe ensemble and now he continues there his solo career.
From 2003 Serbin is the Artistic Director and principal cellist in Pratum Integrum orchestra.
He played with Wieland Kuijken (Belgium), Sigiswald Kuijken (Belgium)  , Ivan Monigetti (Switzerland) , Alexey Lubimov (Russia), Paul Wahlberg and Hans Knut Sveen (Norway), Michel Rada-Igish (Luxembourg) and Antony Halstead (Great Britain).

With Die Gassenhauer Trio (“Suoni e colori”, Paris)
2000 – CD L.van Beethoven. Trios with clarinet, op.11 and 38

With A La Russe ( “Saveli”, Moscow)
2001 – CD “Johann Heinrich Facius. Trois Sonates pour le Violoncelle et Basse op 2
2002 – CD “Jan Bohumir Pratsch, complete chamber works op.4 and op.6

With Pratum Integrum (“Caro Mitis”, Moscow) :

2003 - Maxim Berezovskiy “Secular music”
2003 , 2004 – Dmitry Bortyanskiy “Italian album”, “Russian album”
2004 – A. Tiez “Instrumental music”
2005 – G.Ph.Telemann “Telemann in minor”
2005 – A.Rosetti “Bohemian mutineer”
2006 – J.Woelfl “The symphonies “ (recored Grand Duo op. 23 as a soloist)
2006 – J.F.Rebel “Ballets sans paroles”
2007 – G.B.Platti “Antologia” (recorded Platti’s cello concerto as a soloist)
2008 – G.Ph Telermann “Compleate orchestra suites, vol.1”
2008 – J.C.Bach “Symphonies and Concertantes” (as soloist)
2009 – G.Ph Telemann “Compleate orchestra suites , vol.2”
2009 – E.Fomine “Orfeo ed Euridice” (conducting)
2009 – Jacob Klein der Junder “ Scordatura sonates op.1” (solo recording)
2010 – G.Ph.Telemann “Compleate orchestra suites” Vol.3
2010 – L.Boccherini Symphonies and Concertos (as soloist: Cello concerto №10, concertante inop. 34)
2010 – Johann Ulich “Sonate per Flauto con Cemnbalo” with Lux Borea (Norway)

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