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Thomas C. Boysen – theorbo

Thomas C. BoysenThomas C. Boysenwas born in Oslo, Norway in 1970 into a family of musicians. He studied classical guitar and lute at the Norwegian State Academy of Music. After achieving his diploma there in 1995 he went to Germany to study with Prof. Rolf Lislevand at the State Academy of Music in Trossingen.
Since finishing his studies Thomas C. Boysen has established himself as an accomplished lutenist and Continuo player and has among others things been working with Balthasar-Neumann-Ensemble, Austrian Baroque Company (Oman Consort), Freiburg Baroque Orchestra and Armonico Tributo Austria. He has participated in concerts, CD-, television- and radio-productions with some of the most important musicians in the European early music scene, such as Emma Kirkby, Paolo Pandolfo and Rolf Lislevand.
Since 2001 he also teaches Basso Continuo at the State Academy of Music in Trossingen.

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