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Aina Kalnciema



Freiburger Barockorchester

26th February at 19,30,  concert hall - The Great Guild hall


Originally, the aim of the musicians in the Freiburger Barockorchester was to enliven the world of Baroque music with new sounds. This they have succeeded in doing. Meantime, they also perform works by Beethoven, Schubert or Weber, and enjoy playing contemporary music. The musical homeland of the Freiburgers, however, is still the music of the 17th and 18th centuries.They play small group chamber music as well as symphonies for large orchestras.

In fact these musicians have one constant aim: the liveliest possible interpretation of the music, to which end they employ their temperament and virtuosity. They do not regard their musical practice as the homogeneous performance of everything without distinction. They want to know what they are playing and how it functions. And in their view they can best achieve this with historical instruments. In this sense they are, if you will, specialists, but specialists with a repertoire that extends over 200 years. One thing they certainly do not want is to make a museum of music. Just how determined they are to avoid any kind of false conservation is demonstrated in each and every one of their concerts at that moment when – as one critic put it – "everything skips, dances and swings".

Meantime the "FBO" has become an internationally sought-after chamber orchestra with engagements at the world's large concert halls.


Press about Freiburger Barockorshester

"...what is probably the world's top Baroque orchestra ... It is conceivable, however, that no troupe could perform with the exuberant aplomb and skill of the Freiburg Baroque Orchestra. Their playing is buoyant, technically spot-on and alive with effortlessly controlled energy... we should be grateful for every second in the company of an orchestra like this."
(Lindsay Kemp, Gramophone Magazine, 11/02)

“The Freiburg Baroque Orchestra, familiar from […] opera recordings and other notable projects, may be the liveliest ensemble now on the international early-music scene.”
(James R. Oestreich in the New York Times from 19 march 2007 on the cd recording of Mozart's symphonies "Prague" and "Jupiter" with Freiburg Baroque, conducted by René Jacobs)

"Weightless tempo, melodiously singing middle lines, gossamer-fine music of a kind never heard before, and with each repetition you think: Don't stop."
(Friedrich Sprondel, Badische Zeitung, 14.10.03, on the concert Aufbruch der Söhne)

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