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Aina Kalnciema



Mala Punica

19th March at 19,00, House of Blackheads

Programme: CD (2007) Faventina - the liturgical music of Codex Faenza

mala punica


Mala Punica [literally, pomegranates] is a vocal and instrumental ensemble devoted to the music of the Trecento and Ars Subtilior in Italy, a repertory which has been called ‘the avant-garde of medieval Europe'.


From the essential language of the Tuscan masters to the exuberance of the legendary Ars Subtilior, the repertory offered by Mala Punica allows today's audiences to discover new horizons of refinement and emotion.

Mala Punica -founded in 1987 and directed by Pedro Memelsdorff - combines erudition and musicological research with audacious means of musical expression: virtuoso solo playing and singing, rich contrapuntal diminutions and improvisation, poetry and theatricality. All these elements undoubtedly confirm the ensemble's strong identity, which has brought it critical acclaim and more than thirty international awards.

Pedro Memelsdorff

Mala Punica regularly participates in some of the most important festivals in Europe and North and South America. Its discography -coproduced by the German radio station WDR- includes three volumes released on the Arcana label (Ars subtilis Ytalica, D'amor ragionando and En attendant), and three on Erato (Missa Cantilena, Sidus preclarum and Hélas Avril). All of them have won numerous international prizes.


Baha muzikas fonds, Hipokrata iela 35-32, LV-1079, Riga, Latvija, talr.: 29208181, e-pasts: