Critic Zane Gailite in the December 9, 2000, issue of newspaper "Free Latvia" writes:

"The concert's second part representing 20th century composers' works deserves special mention. The sometimes reserved, somewhat plastic rather than sensitive characteristics of works by I. Stravinsky and M. Ravel as well as at times vigorously temperamental music by M. de Falla, received a flawless interpretation under the direction of conductor Viesturs Gailis. The restrained, subtle style of conductor Gailis permitted the music to evolve by itself in delicate nuances, elegant and natural. How great that we finally have an excellent chamber orchestra - exclaim music lovers' souls starved for real music. Without such a perfect union of music and performance, not only would much of our rich musical inheritance remain unperformed, but an essential part of Riga's concert life would be missing."


Speaking of the chamber orchestras collaboration with "Figaro", especially reviewing the outstanding operatic performances of Rossinis, "The Barber of Seville", several critics had this to say:

"It was equally fascinating to watch the orchestra as the action on the stage. I had never witnessed such a lively bond between orchestra and stage. It was much more than accompaniment of the soloists or being engrossed in the action on stage. It became a joyous cocreation, revealing pride of a job well done and a yearning to do even better."

Magazine "Aija", Latvia

"It is a pleasure to hear a unique interpretation of Rossini's style. A capricious and lively tempo corresponds well to the spirit of Rossinis music. Especially captivating were the sparkling ensemble performances we hear so infrequently."

Independent Newspaper, Latvia

"This precise and lively chamber orchestra conducted by V. Gailis, from its very first beat, skillfully and engagingly succeeds in leading into the action on the stage. This perfect harmony was especially evident during the aria by Don Bazilio."

Newspaper "Diena", Latvia