"RIGA 2005"
Continuing more than a century old choir singing traditions in the Baltic countries,
choir-conducting department of J. Vitols Music Academy of Latvia are organising
the III International Choir Conductor's Contest from March 14 till 19, 2005 in Riga.
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The first round:
1) The participant conducts one free of choice vocal instrumental score from the repertoire of the 3rd round (with the piano two accompanists are guaranteed by the organizers):
· F. Poulenc Gloria (IV, V, VI part)
· S. Rachmaninov Vesna
· A. Bruckner Te Deum (I, II, III part)
· J. Kalniņš Asins Tīrums
2) Work with choir - each participant has to rehearse with a choir. The repertoir:
· J. H. Schein Wie lieblich sind deine Wohnungen
· J. H. Schein Freue dich des Weibes deiner Jugend
· C. Monteverdi S'andasse Amor a caccia
· C. Monteverdi Ohime! Se tanto amate
· W. Byrd Sing joyfully
· L. Marenzio I lieti amanti
· H. Schutz Verlei uns Frieden genädiglich
· C. Gesualdo Dolce spirito d'Amore
There will given 20 minutes for the rehearsing this piece. The task for the contest participant - stylistics and interpretation. The organisers provide professionally well prepared choir. The concrete composition for each participant will be drawn by the organisers on January 20, 2005 and announced at the same time as the decision about entering the list of participants.

The second round:
Choir rehearsal and concert with the Latvian Radio choir. Each participant prepares for the concert during an 45 minutes and performs at the concert one compulsory composition Pēteris Vasks Māte saule and one from the repertoire meant for the second round:
· F. Poulenc Hodie Christus natus est
· F. Poulenc Timor et tremor
· F. Poulenc Vinea mea electa
· F. Poulenc Tristis est anima mea
· F. Poulenc Tenebrae factae sunt
· F. Poulenc O magnum mysterium
· F. Poulenc Quem vidistis pastores dicite
· F. Poulenc Videntes stellam
The choir has previously staged the compositions. The task for the contest participant - stylistics and interpretation. Compositions for the second round are drawn in the evening a day before.

The third round:
Rehearsal with a choir, orchestra and a concert. Each participant of the third round is given a possibility for an 45 - 55 minutes long rehearsal with a choir and orchestra in order to prepare for the concert one of the compositions for the third round:
· F. Poulenc Gloria
· S. Rachmaninov Vesna
· Bruckner Te Deum
· J. Kalniņš Asins Tīrums
Choir and orchestra before technically prepared. The composition meant for the third turn is drawing in the evening a day before.

Prizes envisaged for the contest winners:
· One First prize - EUR 1500 and the title of Laureate;
· One Second prize - EUR 1000 and the title of Laureate;
· One Third prize - EUR 500 and the title of Laureate;
· One Promotion prize - EUR 250;
· Special prizes from the sponsors.

The performance of the participants of the Contest will be judged by the International Jury which works according to the regulations worked out by the organisers. The decision of the Jury is irrefutable and unappealable.

The procedure of the Contest
The Contest will happen in three rounds. The number of participants in the first round will not exceed 16. The number of participants nominated for the second round will not exceed 8, for the third round - more than 4 participants. The first round will take place with the choir of the Music Academy, second round - with the Latvian Radio choir, third round - with the State choir Latvija, the choir and orchestra of the Music Academy. The order of performance will be appointed by drawing before each round.

March 14
12.00 the registration of participants;
13.00 the Opening of the Contest and the session of Jury;
14.00 - 19.00 one hour long rehearsal with accompanists.

March 15
10.00 - 18.00 the first round - conducting with the piano.

March 16
16.00 the first round - work with a choir.

March 17
16.00 continuation of the first round - work with a choir;
20.30 the announcement of the results of the first round; drawing for the second round.

March 18
10.00 the second round - rehearsal and concert;
18.00 the second round - concert;
21.00 the announcement of the results of the second round; drawing for the third round.

March 19
10.00 the third round rehearsal and concert
16.00 the third round - concert;
19.00 the announcement of the results of the Contest and the Closing ceremony.

The Organising Committee of Contest address:
J. Vitols Music Academy of Latvia
K. Barona street 1, Riga, LV-1050, Latvia
Phone: (+371) 7228684,
fax: (+371) 7820271
E-mail: mkasparam@yahoo.com

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III International Choir Conductor's Contest