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Latvian Music information centre (LV)
 Latvian Music Information Centre: information on Latvian contemporary classical music, composers, performers, musicologists.
Latvian National Opera (LV)
Latvijas Koncerti (Latvian Concerts) (LV)
Latvian National Opera Guild Inc. (LV)
Hermana Brauna fonds - Music Agency (LV, RU)
Remix Music Management (LV)
Latvian Folk Art Centre (LV)
Sound Division Studios (LV, RU)
 The first world-class recording studio in the Baltic States
The Contemporary Music center (LV)
Baltic Concert Agency (LV, RU)
Company NA - Stage & Light (LV)
 Company NA provides technical equipment for events. These events include concerts, theatre and opera, state celebrations, exhibitions, presentations, music festivals ranging from classical to modern dance music, corporate events and stationary installations.
Musica Baltica (LV)