Latvian National Opera Guild's Benefit Concert and Lottery  
Everyone who attended the LNOG benefit concert on October 12 at the Long Island Latvian Lutheran Church hall seemed to agree - a very enjoyable musical evening. 
The sizeable group of well dressed guests were seated at lavishly decorated tables in shades of autumn gold, with bouquets of roses and many glittering candles.
The master of ceremony, guild's board member, Ivars Berzins, opened the evening with a ceremonial lighting of candles and a brief account of LNO Guild's present projects and recent very much appreciated gifts to the Latvian National Opera.
The guests were then treated to an evening of songs by three well-known Latvian tenors:
Miervaldis Jencs, Nauris Puntulis un Guntars Rungis.
The first part of the concert was devoted to songs of Latvian composers while in the second part the tenors delighted everyone with their renditions of Neopolitan songs. The enthusiastic audience showed their appreciation with flowers and calls for encores. 

The concert was followed by a buffet diner.

The evening concluded with a lottery drawing of the guild's nationwide lottery.

The winners were as follows:

Margers Pinnis, Sleepy Hollow, NY trip to Riga, Latvia
Arnolds Ruperts, Grand Rapids, MI  $1000 US Savings Bond
Janis Antons, Westmont, IL Vija Mangulis, E. Brunswick, NJ
Vija Mangulis, E. Brunswick, NJ  2 opera tickets to the Latvian National Opera

All proceeds of the benefit concert will be donated to the Latvian National Opera.