Results of LNOG 2003 lottery  

Airline tickets US - Riga / Riga - US  (1) Nonita Priedite, Los Angeles, California
$1000,00 (US Savings Bond) Olgerts Balodis, Huntington, New York
Oil painting by Elza Druja   DR. Sigride Renigers, Chicago, Illinois
Two tickets to any performance at LNO Gerold Luss, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Silver Latvian folk costume belt  Vizma Dzilna, Hillsdale, New Jersey


Andrejs Jansons, member of the guild's consultants, draws luckey lottery tickets while members of the board look on. From left: O. Balodis, J. Padegs, A. Blumfelde, B. Rasums, A. Jansons, A. Pelse un E. Zalite.