Management changes at LNOG  
In 2003, the Latvian National Opera Guild said goodby to its long time chairman, Ilgvars Spilners. 
Ilgvars Spilners feels that devoting nine years to the management of one charitable organization is more than enough in terms of permitting that organization to continue growing and developing.
During Dr. Spilners nine years of capable leadership, the guild was successful in providing the Latvian National Opera with some valuable and much needed gifts, such as a "Steinway" Grand piano and a large tractor trailer for transporting stage decorations.

Vice-chairwoman, Beatrise Rasums, was elected as the new president. Beatrise Rasums had been a member of the board since 1993 and vice-chairperson since 1998. 
As vice-chairwoman, not only was she responsible for the smooth operation of the guild, but actively participated in and often initiated the guild's projects.
Mrs. Rasums has had close ties with the Latvian National Opera since childhood as her father was a well-known LNO soloist prof. Viktors Stots.

The board also elected the following: 
Juris Padegs - vice-chairman, 
Aija Blumfelde as secretary, 
Grietina Brigmane - treasurer, 
Edmunds Brigmanis - editor of LNOG newsletter "Zinas". 

Edvins Rasums remains in charge of guild's internet membership directory and LNOG website.

Newley elected chairwoman, Beatrise Rasums presents former chairman, Ilgvars Spilners, with a gift as a token of the board's appreciation of his many years of devotion to the guild.