LNOG Lottery 2000  
The LNOG yearly lottery organized by the guild's board members took
place on Dec. 3, 2000 at the New York Latvian Ev. Lutheran Church, Yonkers,
New York, following the advent choir concert. $11,500.00 dollars worth
of tickets were sold.
      The lucky numbers were drawn by the choir's soloist Hanna Lina Vos.
Congratulations to the following lucky winners:
Angelika Jēgere (St. Paul, MN), trip to "Rīga 800" one airplane ticket to Latvia.
Ilga un Freds Harperi (San Clemente, CA) opal and gold bracelet.
Biruta Antonija (Brooklyn, NY) oil painting by J. Cielava  "By the opera".
Gunars Vēveris (Dayton, OH) 2 tickets to a performance at LNO.
Ivars Antens (Palantine, IL) a latvian ceramic vase.