The Latvian National Opera Guild’s 10th anniversary gift to the opera


To commemorate its 10th anniversary, the Latvian National Opera Guild chose to present the Latvian National Opera with a very practical yet much appreciated gift. The guild selected a very much needed new tractor trailer built specifically for the opera for the purpose of transporting stage scenery. The trailer truck was purchased from the well known Swedish firm "SCANIA". The covered trailer was built, according to specifications, in Latvia by "Mono-Transserviss". Total cost $93,000.00. 
This is the guild's largest one year contribution to date.
Until now the stage scenery was carted through the streets of Riga by an open trailer, a WW 1 relic, pulled by a rented tractor. Regardless of weather conditions, it covered some twelve miles from storage to opera on the average of 28 hours a week. Needless to say, damage was incurred to the precious scenery. In addition, the Latvian National Opera productions have become quite popular in other European countries. To transport the scenery in rented trailers became quite an expensive proposition, not included in the opera budget.
On March 20, 2002, following a press conference at the Latvian National Opera house, chairman of the LNOG, Dr. Ilgvars Spilners, presented the keys of the opera's new shiny, white Scania trailer truck to a very grateful LNO director Andrejs Zagars.

LNOG chairman Dr. Ilgvars Spilners presents director Andrejs Zagars with keys to the new Scania trailer truck. On the side of the trailer is inscribed: "Gift of LNOG in U.S.A".


LNOG board members who participated in the presentation. 
From left: Brigita Klausa, Rasma Lismane, Ilgvars Spilners, Laimdota Sausais un Vera Silina.