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I've always loved classical music just as much as jazz, and have called myself a composer since 1987. At York University in Toronto I met my two most important teachers, James Tenney and David Mott. My main interests as a composer are in chamber music and music theatre, but I've recently been composing also for choir and for orchestra. I aim for direct communication in my music. I think no art should be without humour, and I enjoy sitting on the fence between "light music" and "serious music". My style has been described as "post-minimalist" (for those who appreciate labels and categories.)

My first chamber opera, Nigredo Hotel, has now been produced on three continents and has been performed around eighty times. I've had the privilege of working with many fine performing groups, such as Arraymusic, the Latvian Radio Choir, Sinfonietta Riga, Altera Veritas, the Evergeen Club Gamelan and the Riga Saxophone Quartet. I was Artistic Director of the improvising chamber orchestra "Hemispheres" and founded the saxophone quartet "40 fingers". In 1997, I was honoured with the Fred Stone Award "for leadership, integrity and innovation in new music."

I am a member both of the Canadian Music Centre and the Latvian Composers' Union. Up-to-date lists of my compositions can be found at the CMC, the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada or at the Latvian Music Information Centre. Some of my pieces have been published by and are available from Musica Baltica, others are available through the Canadian Music Centre and all saxophone-related compositions are also published by Murphy Music Press.

My music is included on several recordings available on the excellent Canadian label Artifact Music. My record „Fruits of the Earth" is available in Europe, the U.S and via the internet (including .mp3 downloads) at Phonector, in Canada at the Canadian Music Centre, and is distributed in Latvia by Microphone Records.

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Here are various short excerpts.

  • Excerpt from "Heliotrope", performed by "Altera Veritas"

  • Excerpt from "Vive la difference" performed by the string quartet "Difference"
    Vive la difference

  • Excerpt from "Album" performed by the Riga Saxophone Quartet and soloist Nic Gotham