Dina Konstantinova
Guntars Prānis
Sister Dorothy CCR
Andis un Henisa Meieri
Inga Kluce
Aivars Zariņš
Diāna Jansone
Inese Ziemele
Solvita Pavloviča
Ivo Pavlovičs
Dita Bērziņa
Ieva Prāne
Elija Kapicka
"Ora et cantate"
Dita Bērziņa

“Peace, nature, prayer hours in the church, and most importantly, an opportunity to sing the Gregorian chants. For me, it is also a professional interest. I’ll definitely come again next year. This year I got to know Diāna. She agreed to come to Sigulda during the school-year and teach some Gregorian chants to my boy-choir. And at Christmas we could take the audience by surprise with a completely new program.”

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