Dina Konstantinova
Guntars Prānis
Sister Dorothy CCR
Andis un Henisa Meieri
Inga Kluce
Aivars Zariņš
Diāna Jansone
Inese Ziemele
Solvita Pavloviča
Ivo Pavlovičs
Dita Bērziņa
Ieva Prāne
Elija Kapicka
"Ora et cantate"
Ieva Prāne

“The Gregorian Music Week cannot be imagined without Āraiši. We have all grown really fond of this place and surrounding nature. When I happen to visit this place at another time of the year, Āraiši looks completely different, almost unrecognizable and even a bit scary. I think it is the participants of the Gregorian Music Week that add Āraiši, this place and the surrounding nature the value we all want to see and love. The atmosphere, mutual relationship and love that reign among the participants blend harmoniously with this place. I would even dare to say that just as the Gregorian Music Week is unthinkable without Āraiši, so is Āraiši inconceivable without the Gregorian Music.”

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