Dina Konstantinova
Guntars Prānis
Sister Dorothy CCR
Andis un Henisa Meieri
Inga Kluce
Aivars Zariņš
Diāna Jansone
Inese Ziemele
Solvita Pavloviča
Ivo Pavlovičs
Dita Bērziņa
Ieva Prāne
Elija Kapicka
"Ora et cantate"
Inga Kluce

he feeling of togetherness

Inga Kluce, the conductor of the mixed choir of Tukums Evangelistic Lutheran Church says: “You just want to come here all over again. So every year you think and plan and you just know that you must be here. Year after year parents together with their children come to Āraiši. The family is together and everything is taken care of. Here you get this feeling of togetherness, the sense of belonging. People are ready to sacrifice comfort for the sake of being together. We don’t come here only to sing and we don’t leave the realities of life somewhere out there. Here in Āraiši we are together like one big family.”

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