Dina Konstantinova
Guntars Prānis
Sister Dorothy CCR
Andis un Henisa Meieri
Inga Kluce
Aivars Zariņš
Diāna Jansone
Inese Ziemele
Solvita Pavloviča
Ivo Pavlovičs
Dita Bērziņa
Ieva Prāne
Elija Kapicka
"Ora et cantate"
Ivo Pavlovičs

“I like the idea of many creative and enthusiastic Christians getting together. And it is almost impossible to find such a number of true and thorough Christians concentrated in one place elsewhere. I think there are already many regular participants coming over year after year, but every summer also brings quite a few newcomers. This is an ideal way to establish new contacts.
The place just comes to life thanks to the creativity of participants.
And everything is convenient and within reach – the church and the manor.
I would like to improve some things, though. For one, the Gregorian Music Week could last longer. ..”

Telephone: +371 29489491, e-mail: gregoriano@inbox.lv