Dina Konstantinova
Guntars Prānis
Sister Dorothy CCR
Andis un Henisa Meieri
Inga Kluce
Aivars Zariņš
Diāna Jansone
Inese Ziemele
Solvita Pavloviča
Ivo Pavlovičs
Dita Bērziņa
Ieva Prāne
Elija Kapicka
"Ora et cantate"
Solvita Pavloviča

“In everyday life, you often have to face the vague idea of complete permissiveness and I find it annoying. In Āraiši you can refresh yourself and your soul and enjoy lasting values.
I also at times experience a kind of vacuum, a certain drought of faith in my parish. If you want to feel life with your heart, you must experience something in a concentrated way. Here you are well-organised. There is a discipline of prayers and spiritual activities. And it is very nice to be able to come here with my family.”

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