During the Gregorian Music week everybody gets a chance to get to know the Gregorian music practically by taking part in rehearsals and singing from ancient music scores. One-hour-prayers are held four times a day near Āraiši church.
Participants also have an opportunity to attend daily talks mostly on Gregorian chants and their history, as well as on other interesting topics related to spiritual life.
Several times a week the participants get together to enjoy fellowship and everybody can come up with a creative activity – recite a self-written poem, sing self-composed songs or play a musical instrument, tell a story or stage a play. These get-togethers are very special. They give an opportunity of getting to know each other better, opening up, making new friends or finding encouragement.

7.30 — LAUDES (Morning prayer)
8.30 — Breakfast
9.30 — Talks and studies (clergymen of different denominations)
Rehearsal (Guntars Prānis)
11.45 — SEXT (Midday prayer)
12.30 — Lunch

Free time, rehearsals, the rest hour etc.

15.30 — Rehearsal
17.00 — VESPER (Evening prayer)
18.00 — Dinner
18.45 — Sermon (clergymen of different denominations)
Fellowship get-togethers, listening to music recordings,
free time.
21.30 — COMPLETORIUM (Night prayer)

Telephone: +371 29489491, e-mail: gregoriano@inbox.lv