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Folk group “Teiksma” playing a Latvian folk instrument - the kokle, is one of the oldest -of the kind in Latvia. It was started back in 1955 by the kokle and folk music enthusiast Tamara Jansone (1927-1972). She was the leader of the group for many years. The early aims of the group were popularizing the Latvian folk songs and improving the technique of playing. Several generations have changed in the group. All players were amateurs forty years ago. Nowadays the players are either graduates or students of the Folk Music Department of Latvian Academy of Music . There are nine members in the group altogether but the group also performs as a duet, trio or quartet. Leading member of the group is Teiksma Jansone, daughter of Tamara Jansone - its founding member.

Modernized kokles which are played nowadays, have 30 strings with changeable levels of pitch. Authentic 9-string kokles, pipes and simple ethnic percussion are often used in concerts as well. The players also sing Latvian folk songs to the accompaniment of kokles.

The repertoire of the folk group “Teiksma” consists mostly of Latvian folk music - song and dances arranged by Latvian composers or by players themselves. As the kokle allows for a wide variety of play, music of foreign origin is also included in the program as well as original works from Latvian composers, modern music and instrumentations of different foreign composer works.

Every years the group plays the kokle in more then 50, larger or smaller, concerts. There are a great number of recordings at the Latvian Radio. In 1977 an LP was recorded followed more recently by an audiocassette in 1994. The group takes part in all major folk festivals in Latvia such as the festival of Song and Dance, the days of the kokle and several folklore festivals; it plays charity concerts, at schools, boarding-schools and orphanages.

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In many years of existence the group has visited the Baltic states, Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, Italy, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Great Britain and Japan. It was received awards at several folk music festivals.

The name of the group - “Teiksma” is a poetic name standing for a tale or an old story, as it is that the aim of the group is to unite the old tradition of playing the kokle with the possibilities that a modern kokle offers.

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