The band "QUATRO" was established on 1995 at the city of Riga, Latvia. It consisted of a guitar-bas, vocal (Nikolay Nazarov), leader-vocal (Tatjana Grazule), saxes, keyboard, back-local (Raivo Stashans) piano, electric piano keyboard, vocal (Vladimir Zinchenko). All musicians of the band have completed professional musical education (college, academy). The first performance given to audience by the band "QUATRO" took place on May,1995 at the night-club "EUROPE". Since then, the creative potential of the band has comprised a number of programs covering various directions of music. The major role in the repertoire of the "QUATRO" is played by dance music as well as the traditional jazz, bossa, Latinos, pop-music. The band has given a number of performances at night-clubs in Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, and it has good experience working on cruise-ships of several well-known companies, for example “Festival”, Royal Olympic”, etc. The band "QUATRO" is willing to find and take its own niche in this continuously changing complicated world of improvisations and rhytmes.

The repertoire of the duet V. Zincenko (piano-keyboard) and R. Stashans (saxes) includes a range of dance music programs, saloon music, jazz as well as the classics most often performed at piano-bars and saloons.

To contact:

Vladimir Zinchenko
+371 9408618
+371 2768362

Raivo Stashans
+371 9258554
+371 2594542

Fax: +371 2270666

Riga, Latvia
MP3 audio samples
Hello Dolly (File size 1431 K)
Don't blame me (File size 820K)
Autumn lives (File size 681 K)

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