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                                                 Yevgenia Lissitsina – One of Riga Dom Cathedral outstanding virtuoso organists.

                                                   She was born near Moscow, grew up in the Urals. Finished a piano course in the

                                                    Leningrad (St.Petersburg) State Conservatoire named after Rimsky-Korsakov, class of

                                                     Prof. Vladimir Nielsen. Continued studies at the Latvian State Conservatoire named

                                                      after Yazeps Vitols (the present Latvian Academy of Music). Graduated Prof.

                                                       Nikolai Vanadzinsh organ class (1968). Laureate of the international competition of

                                                        organists named after Thcurlionis in Vilnius (Lithuania, 1968). She has given over a

                                                        thousand concerts in the cities of the former Soviet Union as well as in many European

                                                        countries – Germany, Italy, Belgium, France and others. Several times with great

                                                        success participated in international festivals. Yevgenia Lissitsina’s repertoire includes

                                                       all Johan Sebastian Bach compositions for organ as well as works by Cesar Franck, 

                                                      Max Reger, Olivier Messiaen, F.Liszt, F.Mendelssohn and Latvian composers. Author

                                                    of the transcriptions of Gloria (for choir and orchestra) and The Four Seasons (for

                                                  organ) by A.Vivaldi, Pictures from Exhibition (for organ and percussion instruments) by

                                               M.Mussorgsky, Ancient Suite (for organ) by Schnitke, works by J.S.Bach and L.Van 

                                           Beethoven and other classical and contemporary compositions. Yevgenia Lissitsina has

                                        recorded over twenty long-playing records and six CDs and has a wide library of sound recordings

                                  in the funds of the Latvian radio. In 1989/90 questioning of the readers of the major newspaper

                            “Komsomolskaya Pravda” revealed two records by Yevgenia Lissitsina to be among ten most popular

                    classical music records in Russia.







Contact information:


Jevgenija Lissitsina

15-47 Balvu Street,

Riga, LV 1003,

Latvia, Baltic States.

Phone. (+371) 714 4190

GSM    (+371) 980 3144







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