Johann Sebastian Bach



“The Organ music heritage”


In 1999 year Latvian organ player Yevgenia Lissitsina started to run a two-year cycle of concerts featuring all of the organ pieces ever written by Johann Sebastian Bach, the most prominent composer of the Baroque era. This cultural event was realized in honor of Riga’s eight-hundredth anniversary, in collaboration with the Riga Dom Museum and with the support of the Riga-800 Agency.

The performance, which takes place in the Riga Dom Cathedral and is live filmed on video and shown on screen during the concerts.

Only few organ performers have played all of Bach’s compositions for organ, and fewer still have produced a sound recording series of these pieces. If played consecutively, Bach’s repertoire of compositions for organ would sound for 24 hours.

The well-known Riga Dom organ, which was overhauled and refurbished 115 years ago, will mark its 400th anniversary this year. Yevgenia says the Riga Dom organ has a unique, romantic sound unlike any other instrument in the world.

“It is true gift of the God to be able to play this organ. Simply tremendous! I can’t even put the feeling in words!”

Yevgenia plans to produce another series of sound recordings once this project is completed, but is not yet ready to reveal what they will be.



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