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Valdis Muktupavels' recordings

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Latvijas novadu valoda. Latgale [The language of Latvian provinces. Latgale] Film music for a documentary TV film, producer Ginta Kaldava.


Skanosie gadalaiki. Valda Muktupavela celojuma piezimes [The sonorous seasons. Valdis Muktupavels' travel remarks] The Latvian version of the film "Lettland ...", for Latvian TV, producer Uldis Cekulis and Beatrix Stoepel. Broadcast on September 6, 2003.
Lettland. Wildnis zwischen Russland und Riga [Latvia. Wilderness between Russia and Riga] Film music for a documentary film of the Wildlife and Environmental Film Productions (Vides Filmu studija) for NDR, producer Uldis Cekulis and Beatrix Stoepel. Broadcast in Germany NDR on May 28 and WDR on October 14, 2003.
Latvijas novadu valoda. Kurzeme [The language of Latvian provinces. Courland] Film music for a documentary TV film, producer Ginta Kaldava.


Valdis Muktupavels. Kokles. UPE CD 043. A double CD, published by UPE. The 1st disk contains my compositions for the Baltic psaltery kokles, solo and in ensemble with other instruments - sarod, violin, cello, bass guitar, hornpipe, overtone whistle, and with overtone singing. Three songs are sung by Ruta (my wife) in her clear, soft and touching voice. The 2nd disk contains traditional kokles music from Courland (Western Latvia) and Latgale (Eastern Latvia).
The bagpipes of Latvia. ARC Music Productions. EUCD 1692. A licenced copy of the CD "Dudas Latvija".
Malu magija [The magic of clay] Film music for a documentary TV film, producer Ginta Kaldava.


Lubans. Cina par centimetriem [Lake Lubans. Fight for centimetres] Film music for a documentary film by Vides Filmu studija, producer Uldis Cekulis.
Balta [The white] Film music for an animation film by, producer Edmunds Freibergs.
Latviesu tautas dziesmas [Latvian folk songs] Film music for a documentary film, producer Zigurds Vidins.


Dudas Latvija. Bagpipes in Latvia. UPE CD 017. A CD compilation of Latvian bagpipe music of different styles.
Zilie kalni [The blue mountains] Film music for a documentary TV film, producer Ginta Kaldava.


Tanz-Bilder des Weges Four tracks on a CD, which is a supplement to a book by Maria Gabriele Wosien "Tanz-Bilder des Weges". Linz: Veritas.


Lettonie. Musiques des rites solaires. Ensemble RASA. Inedit. W 260062. A CD version of the cassette "saule deva savu meitu janits jaja katru gadu".


Koklu speles pasmaciba [Teach yourself kokles]. Riga: Tautas muzikas centrs. A cassette with comments and easy steps to learn the traditional style; in Latvian.


RASA. saule deva savu meitu janits jaja katru gadu [The Sun married off her daughter Yanis was riding every year] A cassette, recorded by RASA ensemble. Riga: Latvijas Radio, Micrec. MRCC 072.
Valdis Muktupavels. Zelta kokles [Golden kokles] A cassette of traditional kokles music. Riga: Latvijas Radio, Micrec.


Brali Muktupavels. Vinegrets [Brothers Muktupaveli. Mixed salad with vinegar] A cassette of Latvian traditional music. Sydney, author publication.
Latgolas dzismes [Latgalian songs] The side A of this LP is music by KOMBULI ensemble. Riga: Ritonis. 3-001-C-3.


Piesni Latgalii (Inflant Polskich) [Latgalian songs]. Earlier publication in Poland of the same LP as "Latgolas dzismes". Warszawa: Poljazz. PSJ 231.


Musical Art of the Peoples of the USSR. Estonian/Latvian Instrumental Music. The side B of this LP has basically Latvian traditional music, where I play on 6 tracks of 10. A project of a LP of Latvian traditional instrumental music was started in Riga, by Ethnographic Open-air museum. The Melodija publishers in Moscow promised to publish the LP, in fact, they never did it. Instead, half of the recorded material was without any permission included into the above LP. Melodija, Le Chant du Monde. C90 23253-23254; LDX 74006.


Latviesu folklora. Gadskartu dziesmas [Latvian folklore. Songs of calendar celebrations] Film music for a semi-documentary, semi-artistic film, producer Andris Slapins.