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Talivaldis Deksnis (1946)


T.Deksnis graduated from piano class with N.Fedorovskis in Latvian Academy of Music at 1974. On 1983, he graduated from organ class of Peteris Sipolnieks. Since 1984 he is concert organist and since 1986 he leads organ class in Academy. He is giving many recitals in Latvia and also abroad - Germany, France, USA, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Russia, etc. He has mastered a wide repertoire of organ music of all epochs, including a large number of 20th century compositions by Messiaen, Eben, Poulenc, Arro and others. He is promoting latvian organ music very much and has because of this got an award of Latvian Composer's Society in 1986. He was one of most active in publishing a series of LP's "Historic Organs in Latvia". His work in investigation and reconstruction of organs in Latvia is simply invaluable. On 1996 he got Great Musical Award, which is greatest award in music in Latvia.

He has recordings in radio and LP's. In not too far future it is planned to publish his CD with contemporary latvian organ music. Recently his CD with a recording of cantata "Lord, your land is in flames" by Latvian composer Lucija Garuta came out (also participating in this recording is State Academic Choir "Latvia").

Regarding his work in promoting latvian organ music, an excerpt from newspaper Diena (The Day) of 11-Mar-1997, page 12:

T.Deksnis has always been very active in playing latvian music. Also abroad. For more than ten years he is the initiator for many new works by latvian composers and usually the premier performer. Under his fingers first public performances has happened to works by P.Vasks, I.Zemzars, R.Jermaks, A.Engelmanis and others. He persuaded composer Maija Einfelde to write for organ and now she is one of most fecund latvian composers who write in this genre. He is also active in promoting latvian organ classics. "It is shame that our pianists so rarely play works of J.Vitols, Alfr.Kalnins. In Finland, there are hundreds of CDs of their classic J.Sibelius, but we don't have a single CD of latvian piano music. The only latvian pianist who has recorded a CD - Gints Berzins, plays Schopin and russian music." Soon first CD of Deksnis will be published which will have only latvian organ music in it, including works by T.Kenins and J.Karlsons which have been dedicated to him, tireless promoter of latvian music.

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Talivaldis Deksnis

Talivaldis Deksnis with his student Dace Akmentina at the console of Riga Dom organ
Talivaldis Deksnis with his student Dace Akmentina at the console of Riga Dom organ