The 4th International Boys Choir Festival "Rigas Doms 2001" took place on April 23 - 28, 2001 in Latvia. The Festival concerts took place in various cities and towns, bringing the joy of singing to every part of the country.

The 4th International Festival was a continuation of a tradition started in 1990 by the 1st Festival "Rigas Doms". The Festival then carried the symbolical meaning of nation's awakening through a song. "The Velvet Revolution" - the transition from authoritarian rule to a democratic society in Eastern and Central Europe has been known in Latvia as "Singing Revolution".

Since the 1st International Boys Choir Festival "Rigas Doms" the festival has grown into major cultural event on international scale. The Festival is one of a few large-scale cultural events dedicated to a professional children choir singing tradition in Europe.

The 1st International Boys Choir Festival "Rigas Doms" 1990

The 2nd International Boys Choir Festival "Rigas Doms" 1995

The 3rd International Boys Choir Festival "Rigas Doms" 1998

 Previous participants:
  • Hymnus - Stutgart Boys Choir, cond. E.Weyand (Germany)
  • P.Chaikovsky Kiev State Conservatory N.Lisenko Music School Boys Choir, cond. E.Vinogradova (Ukraine)
  • Elburg Boys Choir, cond. P.J.Leusink (Netherlands)
  • Oslo Boys Choir "Solvguttene", cond. T.Grythe (Norway)
  • "Polish Nightingales", cond. J.Kurzewsky (Poland)
  • J.Medina Muzikas skolas zenu koris, cond. R.Vanags (Latvia)
  • Rigas Doma zenu koris, cond. J.Erenstreits (Latvia)
  • Les Pages de la Chapelle, cond. O.Schneebeli (France)
  • American Boychoir, cond. J.Litton (USA)
  • Augsburger Domsingknaben, cond. R.Kammler (Germany)
  • Glinka Choir College Boys Choir, cond. V.Begletsov (Russia)
  • Vilnius Boys Choir "Azuoliukas", cond. V.Miskinis (Lithuania)
  • J.Medina Muzikas skolas zenu koris, cond. R.Vanags (Latvia)
  • Rigas Doma zenu koris, cond. J.Erenstreits (Latvia)
  • Wiener Sängerknaben, cond. L.Gollino (Austria)
  • Limburger Domsingknaben, cond. K.Knubben (Germany)
  • Nizhny Novgorod Boys Choir, cond. L.Sivukhin (Russia)
  • "Pueri Cantores" , cond. P.Nimax (Luxembourg)
  • Tallina Poistekoor, cond. L.Rahula (Estonia)
  • Texas Boyschoir, cond. J.M.Bierschenk (USA)
  • J.Medina Muzikas skolas zenu koris, cond. R.Vanags (Latvia)
  • Rigas Doma zenu koris, cond. J.Erenstreits (Latvia)
We feel proud that the importance of the Festival has been repeatedly recognised by the highest officials of Latvian State: former president of Republic of Latvia, H.E. Guntis Ulmanis granted his patronage over the Festival in years 1995 and 1998 during his term as a president. This tradition has been continued and endorsed by H.E. Dr. Vaira Vike-Freiberga, current president of Republic of Latvia. The Festival has repeatedly enjoyed close co-operation with Mayor of Riga.

Latvia is one of the three Baltic States, located in North – East Europe, on the shore of the Baltic Sea. Latvia has rich, deep-rooted national traditions and vast cultural heritage, arising from its long, complicated history. Latvia is particularly famous around the world for its choir singing traditions, including National Song and Dance Festivals, presenting twenty thousand singers on a single purpose built stage.

Singing has always been an intrinsic part of Latvian culture, and to the present day many thousands of Latvians sing in hundreds of professional and amateur choirs. Children’s choir singing movement is actually the breeding ground, a greenhouse for Latvian choir singing tradition and only way to ensure continuity of this vital of the nation’s self-expression.

Boys’ choir singing tradition has been present in Latvia since the advent of Christianity in early 13th century. The oldest boy’s choir in Latvia, the Riga Doms Cathedral Boys’ Choir was founded in 1240 and existed till 1831. In 1990 the tradition was restored when Emils Darzins Music School Boys’ Choir took the name of the Riga Doms Cathedral Boy’s Choir. The choir, along with Jazeps Medins Music School Boys’ Choir, both choirs of international stature, will host the Festival for the fourth time in year 2001.