“It is important to us to have the context in order to assess our own ability, hence we have invited professionally strong choirs. And these are certainly choirs with character, looking for their own ways, rather than ones to conform (Jānis Erenštreits).”

Kristīne Ciemīte “The musical path of Jānis Erenštreits and his little boy-singers”
Rīgas Balss, 03/27/2001



“Newark Boys Chorus (USA) performed for the whole hour and the half at Bauska Civic Hall instead of the planned 50 minutes...

...The American boys where rewarded with standing ovation. Almost after every song girls from the audience rushed to the stage to present the little singers with flowers and smiles...”

Anda Ušča “Bauska and Vecumnieki enthused by the Newark Boys Chorus”
Bauskas dzīve, 04/27/2001

“Undeniably, the boys choir festival is becoming increasingly respectable with every year, and each of the guest choirs has been convinced that Latvia boasts strong musical traditions as well as genuine hospitality. This was emphasised by the Newark Boys Chorus singers in their interview to “Rīgas Balss”, also noting that “Latvia has been a pleasant surprise throughout the Festival week” “

Kristīne Ciemīte “Newark Boys Chorus impressions of Latvia”
Rīgas Balss, 03/05/2001