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The compilation of medieval Gregorian chants most closely connected with Riga and the history of music that was sung in this city during the Midle Ages. Even though the origins of Gregorian chants go back to the 8th and 9th centuries when they were performed in monasteries by monks as praise to God, they remained a significant part in the musical pattern of public worship in Western churches for many centuries.
This program allows us to turn the pages of the most ancient known musical history of Riga and offers the opportunity to yield to the original melodic beauty of Gregorian chants and peaceful meditation.
The program is recorded on CD

The compilation of various spiritual chants on the subject of light. The program concept is based on the point of intersection and synthesis of two different ages and musical styles. On the one hand these are medieval chants, including the Gregorian plainsongs, Ambrosian hymns, medieval dancing songs, an ancient Jewish song Ma navu and samples of early polyphony. On the other hand – saxophone and percussion improvisations.
As a result of this dialogue a completely new and surprising interplay is born in which each musical element plays a role of its own and yet merges with others to create a meditatively colourful picture of sound.
The program is recorded on CD

Gegorian chants accompanied by spiritual impressions of synthesizer in cooperation with Raimonds Tiguls. The core of this program is one of the best known Gregorian mass De Angelis.
The content of this program is based on a theme that has been surrounded by mystery in all times but has nevertheless always seemed close to many people – on angels. You can also hear the Michaelmas chant, a much earlier composition written circa the 9th century which belongs to the most beautiful medieval chants.
The program is recorded on CD

This program is a meeting of two era and music styles. On the one hand – beautiful Gregorian and medieval chants including early polyphony for instance spanish spiritual songs. On the other hand – percussion improvisations (marimba, drums, bells, xulophone) which is like a bridge between times and styles. Such dialogue creates a unique atmosphere where past meets present.

The program consisting of Gregorian and Ambrosian chants represents a pilgrimage theme that has been actual in all times. All the humans life is like a pilgrimage with its longings and spiritual seekings that accures in both inner and outer world. Female solo voice in this program symbolizes the continuous Divine presence during the pilgrimage.

During the Advent – Veni Emmanuel
During the Passion Week – Deus meus
At Easter – Resurrexi
At Pentecost – Veni Creator