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Today I viewed a performance of Veni Redemptor Gentium on the internet by your group Schola Cantorum Riga. It was an absolutely beautiful enactment of the song. I have long been away from the church, but I must admit, that hearing the song made me feel closer to God. I wish there was such beauty in music in my country during mass. It was moving, emotional, and most of all, true in nature. I hope that one day I will have the opportunity to hear this song performed live as it was presented today, with nothing but vocals and a saxophone.
God has given all of you a wonderful gift.
Thank you for sharing this gift of yours with me.

Michael J Nowak United States of America

(Riga, Latvia, 2009)

There has grown a significant generation of early music interprets in the Europian context during 15 years of the traditions of Early Music festival in Latvia. Learnd, wise and sensitive one. An approval for this was the gregorian chant program performed by Schola Cantorum Riga and soloist Gunta Davidchuka.

(Kristiansand, Norway, 2009)

The unique mix of the new piece of Henning Sommero, singing of Schola Cantorum Riga and latvian contemporary music made the closing of the KKKK festival intense and heartwarming.
The art of vocal sound of Scola Cantorum Riga embraced wide registers of gradations and nuances. Moreover the creative use of church space as an acoustic and visual part of the concert turned the medieval chants in spectacular revelation.
The singing from the tower (behind the gallery) like a sending hymn from the heaven to us was really moving.

(Riga, Latvia, 2006)

In this festival Schola Cantorum Riga had a fine formed and extra professionaly performed program.

(Germany, 2003)

There are many ensembles that sing clear, precise and smooth. There are many ensembles with lively musical singing. But there are just few groups that unite it all in the highest level. One of such groups are Schola Cantorum Riga.

(Germany, 1999)

Schola Cantorum Riga elated with brilliant singing and earned public ovations.

(Germany, 1999)

The fascinating beauty of music and performance expressivity has left deep impression on audience. The most fascinating was how the contemporary music colours joined in harmony the sounds of a world of ancient music.