Latvia is a country with old folklore traditions, which have been cultivated and
honored also today.
Folklore group "Senleja" since 1981 is acting
in one of the most beautiful cities of Latvia – Sigulda, uniting families, which love
folk songs and dances.

"Senleja" is working with not-transformed and not-trimmed folklore material – both – which has been inherited in families and which has been earlier collected and recorded. Part of program is just Sigulda’s and it’s surroundings and Latvia’s Vidzemes region songs and dances, but even more in "Senleja's" repertoire are allover Latvia danced ethnographic and nowadays popular folk dances.

Folklore group participants are performing in national costumes, which have been worn in Latvia at the end of 18th century, and
 in the 19th century. The most favorite folklore instrument in "Senleja" is "kokle" (Latvian string instrument).

Within Latvia "Senleja" is popular folklore group, who often has taken part in different folklore festivals. Since beginning of its activities they have given performances in Finland, Sweden, Germany, Romany, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, The Netherlands, Smithsonian folklife festival in Washington – USA, World Folkloriade in Tokyo – Japan, etc.

Leaders of "Senleja" are
Aina Salmane and Anda Skuja, manager – Peteris Salmanis.







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